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Any Sagada cave, like other underground lives, is a natural resource that is non-renewable. Its very sensitive environment is being threatened by man himself. Vandalisms such as graffiti on the walls, speleothems extraction, water/sewage pollution or simply tourists leaving wastes behind as well as the unregulated cave visitors impose a great menace to its fragility. In this sense, great care must be assumed to protect and conserve this underground life.

The Sumaging, Lumiang and Balangagan caves are open to all cave enthusiasts and therefore responsible caving should be implemented. Those wishing to visit the caves should contact the Tourist Information Centre at the Municipal Hall for the payment of the P 35.00 environmental fee that shall serve as passes for the access. The receipt is presented to the tourist assistance desk at the entrance of the cave for proper monitoring, recording and evaluation. In this level, it is now the responsibility of the respective tour guide to advise all visitors on precautionary/safety measures involved in the adventure.

Visitors should not be allowed to explore the cave on their own, thus all trips are to have local guides and that all tours should be arranged at the office of the tour guide associations, upon registration. The guides are responsible to guarantee that conservation and safe caving practices are followed.

In addition to the LGU’s usual process is for all cave visitors to undergo a 10-15 minute orientation. Included in the orientation is biodiversity conservation, educational information about the caves, embracing their historical/cultural aspects as well as appropriate cave etiquette.

The time policy for caving is strictly adhered to during regular days; nonetheless, great consideration is honored during peak days. For regular days, the cave is opened for touring at 7 o’clock in the morning and the last trip ends at 4 o’clock in the afternoon.



a.      It is not advisable for those with phobias (height, close spaces) heart ailment, asthma and injuries.

b.      Do not enter the cave under the influence of alcohol or other substances.

c.      Smoking and chewing of betel nut (momma) inside the cave are not allowed.

d.      Do not ever venture on your own.

e.      Please keep noise to a minimum to avoid disturbing wildlife or other visitors.

f.       Collection or removal of wildlife, plants, minerals, or other items found on the property or in the caves, including scientific specimens, is not allowed.

g.      Engraving any marks on the cave walls is strictly prohibited.

h.      Bringing in packed food is neither allowed nor prohibited. Such is with the discretion of the respective tour guide. It is advisable though to enter the cave with your free hands for spelunking because it involves a lot of obstacles.

i.        Listen to your local escorts and obey their instructions. They were trained for caving activities and they know better.

j.        Relieve yourself first before the tour commences.

k.      Manage your own trash and assist in maintaining the cleanliness of the cave. Be responsible enough to pick up non-biodegradable litters and hand them to your tour guides. That is truly appreciated.

l.        Wear appropriate caving attire. Sturdy foot wear with a really good grip is advisable. Wear light, quick drying comfortable clothes.

m.    Realize that caves are fragile and that much damage can be done, even accidentally.

n.      “Leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but pictures, kill nothing but time”






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Sagada, a small town in the Mountain Province of Northern Luzon in the Philippines is famous for its beautiful caves, hanging coffins, as well as the serene mountains. It is an 8-hour drive from Baguio, the summer capital of the Philippines and one jeepney-ride from Bontoc. Local and foreign tourists who travel, Sagada offers a unique holiday experience.

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