10 commandments

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1. Register at the Municipal Tourist Information Center. Pay 40 pesos for the ENVIRONMENTAL Fee. Present your receipt at the sites you will visit. 

                 The receipt serves as your pass to the sites you will be visiting. After registration, maps and tour packages copy will be given. 

2. Engage the services of local guides. Never engage the services of children. Always get a guide for the tours.

3. Respect all Sacred Grounds and sites. 

4. Do not take close photos of Local Rituals. Ask permission before taking pictures

 5. No wearing of scanty clothes. No necking in public places.

6. Park at designated parking areas only. 

              Violators will have to pay 500 pesos at the Municipal Treasury Office or Tourist Information Center. Observe Traffic Regulations. 

7. No Littering. Bring your own disposable bag and throw its content when you see a garbage bin or when you get back to your lodging house.

8. Bring your own eco bag when shopping. 

9. Minimize the use of plastic bottles. Bring your own water bottles that you can refill in water refilling stations.

10. Always inform your lodging house if you will not be back at your lodging house by 10:00 at night. Minimize your noise especially during night time.


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Sagada, a small town in the Mountain Province of Northern Luzon in the Philippines is famous for its beautiful caves, hanging coffins, as well as the serene mountains. It is an 8-hour drive from Baguio, the summer capital of the Philippines and one jeepney-ride from Bontoc. Local and foreign tourists who travel, Sagada offers a unique holiday experience.

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